A bad hire costs a lot in term of financial cost, and sometimes also cost the company’s reputation. One of CISO responsibility is to reduce risk and make sure the proper security controls are implemented before and during the onboarding process. Thanks to the AI technology, today background verification checks can be automated by system.

It’s always easier and cheaper to screen potential employees hem at a later date. Did you know that the personality of prospective employees/members can be known from social media analysis? Social media is like a virtual window, which can be used to assess the risks of prospective employees/members during the recruitment process, both from their posts and from their network of friends. This friendship network can still be evaluated by our system, even though the social media profile in question is private and does not allow outside profiling.

Several types of risks that can be evaluated automatically from prospective employees include:

  1. Affiliation to radical / extremist groups. This indication is very important for the honor of the company/institution, because a radical action from an employee can damage the company’s branding virally and instantly.
  2. Anti-Government. Employees with this indication are more likely to become toxic employees when the circumstances of the company/institution change.
  3. Conspiracy theorist / anti-vaccination. Employees with this indication tend to find it difficult to be objective about facts, especially when the facts are not in line with personal / group opinions.

With the help of technology, this assessment can be carried out up to a capacity of thousands of profiles per day, so it is very suitable to assist in screening employee recruitment in government and large companies.

If you are part of a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), then it is only natural that risk assessment & treatment is part of your responsibility, one of which is related to past verification of prospective employees (background verification checks of job candidates) prior to acceptance by HRD or HR department in Indonesia.

Automated HR Risk Screening Service


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